Artist Profile: Tracy Tisler

Tracey Tisler is a Rhode Island based jeweler who has been creating stunningly unique pieces for over 10 years. With staples of sterling silver and intricate bead and gem work, her pieces come in elegant styles that appeal to all, and for any occasion. Inspired by the light, organic shapes found in nature, these pieces reflect the simple beauties that we often take for granted. 
Over the years, Tracey has taken a variety of related courses and workshops, but considers herself to be primarily self-taught. At times she is drawn to her torch and enjoys fusing and fabricating sterling silver pieces, often melting silver scraps into unusual shapes and forms. Other days she inspired by the thousands of freshwater pearls, beads and gemstones that sit above her work bench. This has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles. Tracey’s designs range from delicate earrings to bold statement necklaces crafted in a distinct, signature style she has refined during her career. 
Tracey continually experiments with new designs and techniques as she thoughtfully handcrafts each piece. Her hope is that you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as she enjoys creating them.