Artist Profile: Christine Tanson

Christine works in porcelain and stoneware for high firing in wood, reduction and oxidation firing methods as well as Raku. The work is functional, and whimsical. Featuring playful patterns that are born out of a desire to harmonize with the environment. Form meets function in pieces that are practical, expressive and vibrant. The work is intended to be simply lovely to use and intended to add grace to house and home. Christine uses a rich pallet of glazes in traditional shades of blue, green, black and brown reflecting a deep appreciation of the natural world. The essence of earth, sea, and sky are captured in unique pieces that feel solid to hold and elegant to contemplate.  No two pieces are ever the same, but are an extension of the work, forever going forward. Working in clay has been a lifelong passion for Christine. Her pottery is always evolving.

Currently a Firing Member of The Fire Works, Worcester, MA
Raku Firing at Mudstone Studios Warren RI
BA in Art from Bridgewater State College(MA)

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Artist Profile: Rose Esson-Dawson

My current body of work embraces the dreams and nightmares of old. Things that go bump, and bump hard in the night have been explored in a more playful manor. Daydreams from my childhood have been illustrated using imagery found in sailor’s tales of sea monsters and night terrors. My fondness of Japanese block prints, as well as short poems helps develop the stylized patterns, subject matter and execution of the work. Finally, I have chosen to fire this work (painstaking as it is to create) in a wood fueled kiln. This allows the elements to leave their mark on each piece. In some cases it will obscure part of the narrative, leaving you the viewer to add your imagination to fill the gap.

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Artist Profile: Kol S. Naylor

Metalsmith/Fiber Artist

Formally trained in Metalsmithing at the Miami Jewelry Institute an affiliation of University of Miami, I have been working in metals and gemstones since 1989. Trained as a Goldsmith I work in all precious metals and gemstones.

Offering a full collection of Neckpieces, Brooches, Pendants, Bracelets, Bangles and Earrings, my work has been widely embraced. My talent has presented itself in the recently published Lark Publishing 500 Collections and honored for my metalwork with award winning design, soldering and stone setting challenges. I now include gemstone beads, Lampwork beads, pearls and various other colorful components to complete my Collections.

My use of color is the most unique and unexpected making these combinations vibrant and completely compelling. My pieces are collected by those women that not only want to enhance their existing jewelry collections but make these one-of-a-kind pieces the prizes they are.

Above all training and expertise I consider myself a colorist and I create my craft every single day. And I would not have it any other way.

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Artist Profile: Rebecca Blomgren

Doing stained glass has been a hobby for many years. It started in my 30’s as I was raising two boys and found it to be so relaxing at the end of the day. Now it’s lovely to create things and know someone out there wants to have them in their home. Quite rewarding! I am also an organist/choir director at a church in Connecticut. I’m married with two grown boys and have grannies who I adore. Every day is a blessing!