Artist Profile: Christine Tanson

Christine works in porcelain and stoneware for high firing in wood, reduction and oxidation firing methods as well as Raku. The work is functional, and whimsical. Featuring playful patterns that are born out of a desire to harmonize with the environment. Form meets function in pieces that are practical, expressive and vibrant. The work is intended to be simply lovely to use and intended to add grace to house and home. Christine uses a rich pallet of glazes in traditional shades of blue, green, black and brown reflecting a deep appreciation of the natural world. The essence of earth, sea, and sky are captured in unique pieces that feel solid to hold and elegant to contemplate.  No two pieces are ever the same, but are an extension of the work, forever going forward. Working in clay has been a lifelong passion for Christine. Her pottery is always evolving.

Currently a Firing Member of The Fire Works, Worcester, MA
Raku Firing at Mudstone Studios Warren RI
BA in Art from Bridgewater State College(MA)

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