Lauren Lake Window Display

If you happen by the Hotpoint Emporium Gallery during the month of August, be sure and have a good look at this month’s display window featuring the work of member artist Lauren Lake.

Ms. Lake’s photographic collage series, entitled “Distance Traveled” explores dreams, memory, myth and ‘internal landscape’ using imagery and, at times, poetry and music(lyrics). Lauren became interested in photography long before attending the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her BFA in Industrial Design in 91, though it wasn’t until studying in Italy on RISD’s European Honors Program that photography became more of an ‘art form’ for her.

Lauren says,

“In this series I use several decades of collected photographs, in addition to new imagery, mixed and combined in some way, either with drawings, written word, poetry or lyrics, to ‘solidify’ an experience or give form to an elusive idea or feeling…But I invite people to create their own narrative when viewing one of my image collages. Our own history informs our outlook and it’s what makes art so distinctly personal and unique for each of us.”

Also Lauren continually ‘experiments’ with different forms of technological processes which, most recently, gave birth to a little over a year ago for jewelry and more personal one of a kind objects. In addition to her current window display, her jewelry is on the main level of our gallery with more two dimensional work in our “underground gallery”.

If you’d like updates about her any of her works email: with “updates” in the subject line.