Neon Sign Restoration project

In January of this year, a small handful of the member artists from Hotpoint Emporium began investigating the possibility of restoring the iconic neon sign located on the building at 39 State Street in Bristol RI. Kol Naylor and Chryssa Udvardy researched until they found Dion Signs in Central Falls, RI which had both the capabilities and the enthusiastic interest required to restore the sign.

Property owner, Steven DeLeo generously provided half the funds, allowing the first phase of the restoration effort to begin. Dion signs came to Bristol to remove the sign in February, and has been working on cleaning up, repairing and replacing parts to light the sign back up. Phase two will be the return and reinstallation, which we are hoping will take place in April or May. With that will be a public celebration and lighting party with special festivities to be announced. 

The artists at Hotpoint Emporium are coordinating fundraising efforts to pay for the mounting restoration costs. There is a gofundme campaign, where gifts hand-made by the artists are soon to be offered for various donation amounts.  There is also a very special collection of 27 necklaces and charms available at the store made from original glass and brass tube supports that held the sign together for the past 70+ years.

Please consider supporting this community effort.

The sign, half finished at Dion Signs in Central Falls, RI
Historic markings found on the sign and its components
Most of the parts were in desperate need of replacement
These necklaces were made with vintage hardware salvaged from the sign. They are available for purchase at the store and proceeds go back into to the restoration fund!