Artist Profile: Betty Harrington

I was given my first set of oil paints in 1961 and have been painting ever since that day.  My development as an artist has moved through many stages as I multi-tasked through life as a painter, wife, mother, and student.

I took courses whenever possible and feel lucky to have met many teachers who believed in my creative potential.  My move to Rhode Island was a crucial step because Rhode Island School of Design classes demanded artistic growth.  In 1992, I fulfilled a life-long dream and graduated from Brown University at the age of 49.  After graduation, I became a full time artist and moved towards brining my unique vision as an artist to fruition.

My primary body of work is called INFIGO.  My artworks include paintings, photography, assemblage, and mixed media.  Small works of art in these areas, can be seen at HOTPOINT EMPORIUM.


Artist Profile: Jennifer Charleson

Mixed media works inspired by sacred geometry. Each deceptively simple artwork has its own mysterious and unique presence. The power of the sacred geometry forms comes through in a way that feels otherworldly while the “imperfections” of artful technique make the strength of these symbols seem more accessible, more human.

Don’t miss the Planetary Hybrid series of metal prints featured in the UNDERGROUND PLANETARIUM located in Hotpoint’s Underground Gallery. For this project, Jen digitally fuses her mysteriously familiar symbols with captivating photographs from outer space courtesy of NASA’s public image library. The exhibit creates a full sensory experience by showcasing the works in a dark environment, illuminating only the artwork – all accompanied by NASA sound recordings taken in outer space.  Visitors can even take a piece of the Planetarium home with them, all artworks are available, starting at $25.

Studio 202 at 30 Cutler Street • Warren, RI



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